Pricing Managers


The Pricing Managers at Lineas defines the price strategy and price framework. This includes price frames for transportation on the various products (GXN, Single-wagon-load, Container, block trains) and price grids for value added services.

The price mangers need to be active to gather information about cost, market behavior, customer information and the company strategy. He/She will use this input data to define pricing products and pricing frames. The pricing manager sees opportunities in the market and reacts to market trends as well as to demand fluctuation in close co-operation with the line managers as well as the sales teams. The price managers works in close contacts with key account managers to drive business and win (profitable) business. The pricing manager ensures that pricing frames are uploaded and maintained in Sales Force and therefore ready at all times to be used by the sales organization.

The main goal is to drive business to Lineas but also exploit the willingness-to-pay of (potential) customers. Skillful price management ensures the highest possible revenue for the company and competitiveness in each country and for each industry.



  • You have the responsibility to define Pricing Strategy for all Lineas products based on internal goals, competitive behavior and commercial experience
  • You:
    • Define pricing strategy for tender
    • Define price grids for VAS (value added services)
    • Define pricing strategy and provide pricing and discounting framework for tenders as base for offers to the customer
    • Approve / dis-approve deviation from framework
    • Define pricing framework for commercial product bundles and define content of commercial bundles together with business development
    • Develop pricing tools to address short-term demand fluctuation (last box pricing, high demand skimming, winning sales opportunities)
    • Estimate the impact of your pricing decisions through calculations or/and business cases before and after implementation.
  • You must ensure that
    • line managers have the right pricing framework to optimize revenue per train and be able to set booking limits
    • sales account managers have the right framework to make a competitor offer and achieve an ?optimal? conversation rate
    • Lineas? strategic goals are reflected in the pricing framework
    • willingness-to-pay of our customers is captured
    • the pricing framework and pricing grids are correctly defined and uploaded into Sales Force CPQ. This includes checking the pricing function in CPQ and perform trouble-shooting in case of problems.
  • You act as interface, facilitator and enabler between Margin Management, the sales organization and controlling. You ensure that the sales organization is provided a working and competitive price framework and you actively and structurally exchange with key account management.
  • You analyze the outcome and commercial effect of pricing decisions and learn constantly using the PDCA model (Plan, Do, Check, Act)
  • You participate in projects to digitalize the commercial process within Lineas and to support the SDS (Standard Digital Sales) project.
  • You engage in benchmark evaluation and analyses of competitors and their pricing strategies in close contact with sales steering and key account management.


  • You have a bachelor's degree in logistics management, economics / business management, operation research, science or similar
  • You speak English (Dutch and / or French is a plus)
  • You have experience in the logistics, transportation or service sector (Revenue management experience is a plus)
  • You can detect, address and follow up problems in a structured and independent manner
  • You understand the operational and strategic framework of the business and you can find creative solutions to solve problems
  • You understand and can apply (standard) statistical methods, you are able to work with standard data platforms (e.g. Tableau) to break down a business contest and you can analyze data in standard software (Excel)
  • You work purposefully and efficiently
  • You perform well under time pressure and are flexible
  • Microsoft Office, focus on Excel
  • VBA / Coding Experience is a plus
  • Experience with CRM system (Sales Force CPQ) or other price database is a plus
  • General openness to work with new IT solutions and become an expert
  • Bachelor degree
  • Prior experience as Price manager, Line Manager, Capacity Steerer or Business Analyst is a plus

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