Traindriver Candidate National

Was it always your childhood dream to become a train driver? We would like to give you this opportunity!

During a thorough training program we prepare you to become a train driver. Theory and practice are combined during this exciting 10-month training so that you learn all the tricks of the trade. You will also be paid throughout your training.

The advantage of freight? Doing what you love most, driving your train! You don't have to stop at every station so you can just keep going.

Get your career moving and read on below!

What you do – learn while you track from A to B

  • You do a final check that everything is ready to go on the road. Locomotive, proper documentation and everything in good condition? 3x check?
  • You couple a train and double check the brakes.
  • Performing maneuvers (incl. coupling / uncoupling of cars and locomotives, securing / lifting immobilization) in cooperation with the operator.
  • You are in contact with the Lineas ground operation team who will put you safely on the road.
  • You drive the train safely and effectively on the Belgian rail network. If you wish, we can also train you for the foreign rail network after the necessary experience.
  • You communicate clearly with the railroad undertaking and infrastructure manager about all operational data
  • You ensure that the train arrives at its destination on time.
  • In case of breakdowns or unusual events and emergencies, you are responsible for the safety of rail traffic and the environment
  • You ensure that IT systems and necessary documents are up to date
  • You can solve or repair minor technical problems
  • Tidiness and order in the driving cab? You're on it!

Who you are – eager to learn and flexible

  • You are eager to follow training and maintain your expertise through continuous education
  • Flexible hours do not bother you.
  • You are administratively and communicatively strong. Looking up and completing the necessary documents on your tablet is not a problem for you.
  • You are eager to learn the internal Lineas Software. Don't worry, we will guide you step by step.
  • You have a higher secondary school diploma
  • You speak good Dutch and French so you can drive trains all over Belgium. We provide additional specific language training in railroad terminology.
  • What you get – a motivating salary with perks

You will work for Lineas: the largest private rail freight operator in Europe, a stable company with ambitious plans and prospects.

Within Lineas you will be part of the Freight Force, a strong team that manages freight transport. Team spirit is in every fiber of our organization and we embrace diversity. Moreover, we have a low threshold: doors are open and your ideas are welcome.

This is what you get from us

  • A paid training of 10 months
  • An attractive salary and fringe benefits (including a company car after successful completion of training);
  • Training and coaching to quickly feel at home in your job;
  • Opportunities to grow and learn;
  • A permanent white-collar contract.
  • We will train you further so you can get your other certifications

Come aboard at Lineas and fast-track your career.

Good to know

Your CV doesn't tell the whole story. That's why we invite you for a video screening and organize selection days. That way you experience the job live and can ask questions.


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