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Goods transport by train will become increasingly more important in the future. It is far less detrimental to the environment and mobility than road transport. Furthermore, it is often safer and more efficient.

Lineas is one of the largest European private enterprises in the area of goods transport by rail. We therefore believe that it is our responsibility to convince companies to opt for the modal shift away from the road towards more goods by rail.

We carry out that ambitious task with the best products, innovative services, a large fleet and a great deal of passion and input for our customers. We want to grow and make a real difference on an international scale.

?Objectives of the position 

Getting goods trains running on rails is a sum of all sorts of variables: available locomotives, train drivers on duty, free rails, etc. All these things can be planned perfectly beforehand – and that is precisely what we do… But external factors or last minute changes nearly always thwart this planning. We then need someone who can think fast but also act fast – someone who can take resolute and correct decisions so that we can deliver on our promises to our customers – and that is also what we do. 

Core tasks 

  • Composing trains – You build on the work of your colleagues who prepare the planning for the long and medium term. You determine whether the trains they have composed can be run as planned and make such adjustments if necessary. ?
  • Adjusting in real time – You get all the information on our trains and the travel route on your computer screens. The telephone rings next to you to apprise you of unforeseeable changes. Your colleague is waiting behind you to inform the customer about the action you are going to take. And you gauge the situation calmly, look into alternatives and options, and take the right decisions.
  • Learning very fast on the job – Planning a train is a complex and unique task, that you can only learn on the job, which you can do with the help of experienced colleagues. But gradually you also learn a great deal about the rail network and on the possibilities of our trains, which gives you all sorts of career opportunities in the company.

Because our trains run at all times of day (and night), you work in a 3 x 8 shift system. ?


  • You are a fast, solution-oriented thinker. You have no time to waste or to whine about problems because everyone is looking at you for a solution. And that is precisely the moment when your creative mind makes the difference. ?
  • A bachelor’s degree (or equivalent experience)
  • Team spirit is crucial: without your colleagues and your partners, you cannot start anything in this role. Such colleagues may be seated next to you at the table, but may also be the head of some small goods station somewhere halfway between Cologne and Hamburg. 
  • You like to take up responsibility and are not afraid of taking initiative.
  • You are communicative, speak fluent Dutch, French and English, and have a good knowledge of German or are prepared to learn.

What we offer

  • You get the chance to grow and to launch your career in a booming company.
  • You get attractive pay with fine fringe benefits.
  • You will be joining a young and dynamic company. Things move forward rapidly, with all sorts of constant changes, opening up prospects for your career at all times.
  • We give you thorough training from the outset together with all the coaching you need to get started, and subsequently every opportunity to develop your talents further.

Lineas stands for diversity. We believe that competencies and talents are unrelated to origin, skin colour, age, gender, sexual orientation, philosophical or religious beliefs, …

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